“No more fad dieting …. making fitness a firm fixture for life“

I had my second child in August of 2012, up until then I had been a bit of a yo yo dieter, trying the majority of the well known plus a few of the ‘fad’ diets, with varying success however, the one constant, was that I needed a structured, challenging but also fun exercise regime to ensure the weight stayed off and I ‘firmed up’ in all the right places.

JC fitness has given me just that, with classes for all levels of fitness and aptitude. I have done the HIIT workout classes, Fitness Pilates and I have enjoyed every one of them.  I find Janette motivational, with just the right amount of ‘encouragement’ given to push me to find that little bit extra – hard work at the time, but well worth the results.  I now find that if for any reason I am unable to go to a class I miss it and am itching to get to the next one!

Janette is not only there for the fitness side she has also given me great advice on nutrition and healthy eating, and is always very supportive,  like everyone I don’t always follow all the advice I am given but I have followed the advice from Janette and my body has transformed,  I have lost weight and have a shape to my body, I have dropped a dress size and I am more toned, fit , healthy and happy.  Thanks JC Fitness!

“My story…From a bride to be, mother and a woman”

I have always enjoyed being fit and healthy growing up as a child but I found I had lost my way when I had 2 children. I worked hard at my job, worked hard as a mother and any time I had, I ate and drank to relieve the stress and chaos in my life. Slowly my weight and size began to increase and my once proud waist line had gone and had been replaced with a muffin top, saggy bum and back fat! I kept saying one day I will get fit and lose weight after my second child and I just needed a nudge in the right direction....then my long term boyfriend proposed to me and I was going to be a bride and go on a honeymoon! I was so happy as now I was a fiancé but now I was to be a bride and everyone will see how much weight I had put on and I would also be seen in a swimming costume on a beach!!!! 

I searched the internet for local fitness clubs, hoping something would catch my eye....then I came across JC FItness. There were lots of classes available and lots of times I could attend to. You have think about these things with work and children! I thought I would give it a go...

JC was waiting at the door with a happy smiley face which put me at ease. The class I was attending was Pilates and HIIT Fat Attack...a double whammy! The class was full and JC began with giving everyone different levels to work at for all levels of fitness. This was very professional and comforting....everyone seemed very friendly, happy and you could sense a lot of  respect to one another and to JC...the class was hard and intense but so refreshing and professional...I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. 

JC works you hard, keeps the class fun and fresh and nearly one year later I'm still here and nearly have my wash board stomach back. 

I have made little changes with massive results all because of JC and her belief, desire and motivation. I feel I have my life back, my body back and feel good inside and out! And that is the key to JC - if you work on the inside, the core muscles and the mind and the rest of the exterior will follow, I promise!!!

“After 3 children I never thought I would get back to being the old me”

Having just had my third child I was determined I wanted to lose my baby weight and tone up but to be honest wasn't sure if I had the time, energy, willpower or if I could find a way of doing it!  Like most people I had a busy life, excuses came easily and had in the past tried every diet and exercise class going - none of which I had stuck to for more than a few months.  I was also a little nervous about putting myself out there having spent the last year doing very little exercise and hiding behind my growing bump!

I had heard about Janette through another new mum who had done some personal training with her - and the results she had achieved were all the motivation I needed.  

I began just over a year ago the HIIT classes once a week with Janette and despite being nervous at first, I absolutely loved it!  The class was full of a range of different people who were friendly and very welcoming, with each exercise station being explained and demonstrated.  

I’m not going to lie - wow that first class was hard - at one point I felt as though the whole class must be able to hear my heart thumping, but week by week, I could feel myself getting fitter, stronger and more toned - all the time having fun with similar like minded people!

Now I am a person who likes goals and results - it keeps me motivated and on track - and unlike any other exercise class I have done before - I was astounded at the results!  Not only did I lose my baby weight and another 10lbs, but my body transformed.  I had been focussing like most new mums on my wobbly tummy - it was only when I revisited the before photos and measurements I had taken 6 months prior that I realised I had a whole new body!  My arms, bottom, waist and hips had all reduced significantly - and the best - my body has stayed this way!