TRIATHLON Coaching with Janette Cardy

Training to achieve your goals takes time and dedication. You need to know the training you are doing is helping you to maximise your performance for race day.

Here, at JC Performance Coaching we are passionate about helping you to improve and reach your goals. 

Besides following a structured training plan specific to you, we also pride ourselves on the fact we help motivate, support, encourage, mentor, and understand you as an individual and an athlete. 

We can help you to take your performance to the next level whilst supporting your professional and personal commitments.   So, whether you are a seasoned athlete, a novice or working towards gaining your GB vest, we CAN help you to achieve your goal. 

Our plans are delivered via a coaching programme called XHALE.  You can assess this via your desktop or mobile devices.

This enables us to have daily contact 365 days a year if you wish to.



Benefits of TRIATHLON coaching with JANETTE CARDY...

  • Structured training plan specific to YOU
  • Unlimited Contact with your Coach
  • Training from British Open Water Champion, European Aquathlon Gold medallist and Silver World Championship medallist. 
  • Strength and Conditioning sessions within your programme
  • Fitness Pilates sessions within your programme
  • Optional weekly phone call with coach
  • Run/bike/swim/brick sessions
  • Taper Programme specific to YOU
  • Triathlon Coaching for ALL DISTANCES and LEVELS
  • Goal Setting
  • Race Day Prep.





Open water swimming is one of our favourite things here at JC Performance Coaching.    But, alot of athletes avoid it! For various reasons such as worrying about the cold, the distance, the breathing, what lies at the bottom etc... 

But, we need to train in open water to be able to race in open water.

So whether you are an experienced swimmer just wanting to fine tune your skills and get faster, or to gain open water confidence and experience, we can help you. 

*Throughout August small group or 1:1 coaching is available monday-friday day time or early evening*

   We will cover: mass starts, swimming round the buoy, building confidence, T1, sighting and swim technique whilst wearing a wetsuit.


run/bike/brick coaching

We regularly run workshops in run drills, technique analysis and bike skills to help you to get more confident but also faster and more efficient.   Again, these can be small groups or 1:1.

Via our online coaching we have athletes of all abilities working towards different goals. Some are triathletes, but also open water swimmers only or athletes training for a 5km/10km/half marathon/marathon/ultra marathon event. 


For further information and to discuss your training needs, visit our contact page.


Personal training is perfect for you if you want a bespoke and personalised fitness programme.  We run small group and individual personal training programmes as well as offering themed packages based around goal achievement.  The benefits of personal training are that we can deliver specific results by listening to what you want to achieve whilst keeping you physically challenged and mentally focused.

Training is usually once or twice a week with a JC Fitness trainer for a period of time to achieve your goal or goals.