Our aim is to improve the performance of companies and to help ALL employees to improve their overall well being, stress levels and resilience.

Janette Cardy Fitness is passionate about helping people to embrace fear and doubt, grow their confidence, commit to change and to achieve goals.


We have the skills to help you to unlock your potential in life, sport and business.

We run events, seminars, public speaking, webinars and online coaching to help you grow, to believe in yourself, embrace change and to move forwards.

  1. Did you know that over 40% of working days are lost due to STRESS.

  2. Did you know that appro 50% of the workforce believe low levels of resilience has a negative impact on performance.

We come into your workplace with a fresh outlook and can provide talks and seminars/workshops on the following:

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  • Employee Well being

  • Performance and Development

  • Stress Management

  • Nutrition in the workplace

  • Resilience and Fighting Adversity

  • Goal setting

  • Time Management

  • *Building Confidence and Overcoming Fear


We recently ran an event with Indulgence boutique Hospitality at their annual Conference.

This is what the CEO said about our presentation.

“Very happy to recommend the positive impact that Janette can bring to an organisation.

Sport used as a metaphor for business is a VERY powerful force of Positivity.

Janette brings knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and a confidence that makes you feel anything is possible to achieve”


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 JC Fitness provide health and wellness days, retreats and events.

We cater the day to YOUR needs.

Our next event is :

1 day Health and Well being Day at Champneys Tring.

November 2019.

Led by Janette Cardy, GB athlete.

Includes a light breakfast and a 3 course buffet lunch.

A chance to relax and unwind in the spa facilities, full day of fitness, motivation, talks and classes.

All Levels welcome . Like minded people together to learn, develop and relax.


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Ask The Expert: Thought Leadership Articles

Janette is author of regular articles on trends and hot topics in the fitness industry. Also available for public speaking on health, fitness, exercise rehabilitation post surgery and fitness education.

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Sports Massage

JC Fitness are qualified in relaxation massage and sports rehabilitation massage. This is proven to release muscle tension and soreness and helps to aid rehabilitation and recovery. Duration either 30 or 60 minutes.