Public speaking is a real passion of mine.


After suffering 2 strokes, having an illness that will affect me for life and also losing my voice for 4 months I have used the experience to try to help others.

I enjoy sharing my story and how when things were so challenging, I decided to set some fitness goals and won both European and World Championship medals in a sport that was totally new to me!

I now work with companies and individuals on how goal setting, being resilient and motivated can help you to achieve ANY goal you might have.

For bookings, please contact me directly or via my agent at Inspire Women

If you would like to watch my talk at the Women In Sport Summit Event June 2019, please follow as below:

Password: WinSport2019


In the past 18 months I have spoken at various companies and events in the UK and Overseas including:

*Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire

*Nuffield Health

*Sandler Training UK

*Velo Performance based in Portugal



*Garden Games LTD

*Champneys UK

*WI in Oxfordshire

*Women In Sport Summit

*Oxfordshire schools

*Honesty Cookery School

*Vida Health Club

*The Kitchen, Farnborough

*Adlens Ltd

Hunter - gatherer Group


I received a lovely video message from Dame Katherine Grainger supporting my inspirational speaking and encouraging me to continue to inspire people. (April 2019) and in 2018 I worked alongside (speaking and coaching) with Denise Lewis.

I pride myself on being vibrant, inspiring,

knowledgeable and authentic as a public speaker.