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How do I get Faster Quickly?

I get asked this question ALOT!

As most of the athletes I coach are a little older and working full time with busy lives, training needs to be on point and it needs to fit in to YOUR work/life balance.

However, You have to remember there is NO quick answer or fix.

So, here are my top tips to help you to get faster safely.

  1. If you have a coach, trust them . Of course, work with them and communicate as a team, but listen to them.

  2. If your session says EASY, do it easy. You are not gaining anything by doing all of your sessions at the same pace. EFFORT means that and EASY means Easy.

  3. A recovery run flushes out toxins and repairs muscle tears which happen in a hard run. So do not underestimate the point of easy sessions.

  4. Do not miss your rest days.

  5. Be consistent with your training. You cant have a race in 3 weeks time and say you want to get faster quickly for that race. Its almost too late. the ground work needs to be done, now its fine tuning and tapering.

  6. Accept where you are. You might be coming back from injury or illness or have had a tough emotional year. It is what it is. Be grateful for the fact you are training and racing again.

  7. Do not neglect your cross training and your strength work.

  8. Training is training. Do not expect each session to be great or to be on point. Races are when we see the gains and the rewards for the hard work we have done. You should not be expecting or wanting PBs in training!

  9. Invest in sports massage regularly and work with a physio.

    Self care is not a wasted expense.

  10. Enjoy it. You are doing this for FUN.

    If you have any questions on coaching, training plans or training holidays, do not hesitate to contact us at

Today, I shared something SPECIAL

I am just back from speaking at the Women In Sport Summit and I cant tell you how many messages and emails I have received.

I practiced my speech but in reality today was a panel format and we were all asked questions.

I didn’t know what was coming and all I could do was to answer each question openly and with total honesty.

The last question, I actually had a “moment”

I don’t have any major symptoms now since the 2 strokes, but I do sometimes get confused and cant always remember things.

I was asked the question and within seconds I couldn’t remember what it was!

So, I decided to just answer in my own way! And that was to be totally honest about HOW I felt.

I found myself sharing ALOT more highs and lows than I ever planned to but I also announced (again totally unplanned) that I LIKE MYSELF.

The room was full and probably 98% were Women.

I got a massive round of applause which really surprised me.

Over lunch, I had a lady approach me and tell me I had really touched her with my talk, and in fact the whole room, when I said I like myself.

She said finally, we have a female who can say it and mean it.

I haven’t always liked myself. I lacked confidence as a child and a young adult. And even now, I over analyse sometimes, I worry BUT today was a real moment and it seems it was for others too.


Why don’t you start doing the same? Don’t aim for perfection but see yourself as others see you and see the good within.

Its a great feeling!!!

public speaking.JPG

Janette Cardy Fitness 6 Top Tips to get back on it.

These arent New Year Resolutions, but realistic motivators to help you to make 2019 a fit and healthy one.

  1. Have a goal. Make it smart and personal to you.

  2. Have a plan so you can achieve that goal. If you dont have a plan, it just becomes a dream. We want it to be reality and actually happen this year.

  3. Commit to training with a friend or joining a class so you find it more difficult to skip a session or two. The hardest part of a workout, especially in the Winter, is getting out of the door!

  4. Plan ahead. Put training into your diary like a work meeting and then stick to it.

  5. Dont think ALL or NOTHING. If you have a bad day, dont give up, just get back on it the very next day.

  6. Enjoy yourself and the challenges you set. Do an activity and have a goal that makes you feel alive.

Good Luck and keep me posted how you get on.

We are here to help you, to motivate and support you on your health, fitness and nutrition goals.

Janette x

Am I fit and Healthy?

I always write from the heart and am possibly a little too honest.

But, although people tell me this, I have no plans to change!!

So, as I am approaching another birthday it gives me time to reflect a little.

As most of you know, I have worked in the fitness industry for a long time and I am probably happier in it today than I have ever been.

It has hugely changed and most of the time I like these changes and embrace them with a positive attitude. I am aware I have changed too and I think for the better!!

So, here is my take on how this happened.

20 years ago I focused massively on how I looked.

I relied on people telling me how slim or even using the word ” skinny” and took it as a compliment. I restricted things I was eating and never felt confident in my own body.

I see people in gyms nowadays who are so skinny and actually look very unwell. And I hear people congratulating them on their figures even though its quite obvious some of them arent healthy or possibly even well. But I am conscious not to judge as I dont know what is going on in their life as much as they dont know about mine.

8 years ago, I was seriously ill and things changed for me quite dramatically.

Initially I was really ill, then I was unable to speak, followed by sudden weight loss to sudden weight gain due to the medication I was .. TO KEEP ME ALIVE!

On one of those days, I was in a gym and 3 people told me I had put weight on!

I had its true. I had put on 4 lbs and was still a size 6. So, lets be honest, I wasnt fat. I was trying to get well and these people didnt know what was going on in my life but still felt the need to TELL me something about my size.

Moving on to today. How have I changed?

So here are my top 8 things that have changed for me.

  1. I accept I cant control what others say or think about me.

  2. I am comfortable in my own skin.

  3. I like my shape and my figure. I accept I am not perfect, but perfect in whose eyes anyway?

  4. I have a fit and healthy body of which I am grateful for.

  5. My body allows me to lift weights, to run, cycle, to swim, to work and to live.

  6. I threw the scales away a few years ago. My clothes tell me if I am putting weight on or not. And my own eyes!!

  7. I am still alive. It wasnt always on the cards I would be here to see another birthday let alone another 8!

  8. I am fit. I am good at what I do and I enjoy my life.

    Not that its important, but just in case any one is reading this that thinks this is now coming from someone who is trying to justify “getting fat”. No, I am not. I am still only a size 8-10 so that hasnt changed much, BUT my mindset and attitude has. I train for a goal now, and have a far happier, healthier balanced attitude to work, life, family, friends and knowing I can only control what I can control.

    Janette x

Make the Swim count this Winter.

Triathlon is my life.

Its my passion , my job, my hobby and where the majority of my friends come from.

Swimming is especially a HUGE part of my life and if 3 days go past without getting in the pool, then I just don’t feel right!!

Now, as a coach, I appreciate not everyone feels the same way about swimming!

But, I want to help you to make the most of your swimming throughout the Winter months, so next season, you can REALLY feel the benefits.

So, here are my top tips to get the most from your swimming.

Sessions don’t have to be long and boring.

I know sometimes athletes are put off by the fact, they have 3-4 km to do. So, don’t go to the pool and NO session gets done.

So, here are my 5 top tips:

  1. lets think of 30-40 mins in the pool. But make it specific and with a true focus. Are you doing an endurance set or an interval set? or is the focus, technique?

  2. Mix it up. Try different strokes to work different muscle groups.

  3. Do pace change in the pool. So, maybe a main set of 6 x 300 as 100 easy, 100 medium, 100 effort.

  4. Train with a friend if possible. I always hit slightly faster times when i train with someone else. It just keeps me “on it”

  5. Do some sessions without worrying about times. Just think of form, and ignore looking at your watch.

We regularly run swim clinics in Oxfordshire and our next one is November.

1:1 sessions can also be arranged.

If you would like to discuss coaching with Team Cardy, email us directly

Don’t put it off, make this winter or even the next month, a real swim focus. It will be worth it!



This week,  I worked with a client on her "vision board" and how we can make changes to her life. New job, new friends, new social life. We put things in place. And of course its not going to happen over night, but we have short term and long term goals, and we definitely are not trying to change  ALL  of these things at once.

I also worked with another client on mindset for competitions.  And in fact, the format is very similar. Planning is essential, short term and long term goals and also reviewing after each training session and race.

I was also asked how do I do it?  How do I stay "on it" all the time. Work wise and training and competitions. 

I actually didn't know the answer there and then. So, went home and thought about it in detail. 

Firstly, I am far from perfect and this isn't about saying you need to do it my way. 

This is about demonstrating what works for me right now. It might change in the future but this is my strategy at present.  

1. Each day I aim to advance and develop.... In business and in fitness.  

2. Each day I appreciate the fact I am able to do what I do. It was almost taken away from me 8 years ago due to ill health and so each and every day I appreciate what I can do and what I can achieve in that day. 

3. I imagine what it will feel like when I have achieved that particular goal. I feel it,  I see it and I take myself to that place as much as I possibly can. 

4. I make lists. Lists each day and each week. I schedule training, work and even rest into my daily plan. 

5. If for any reason, my plan changes, I accept it.  If i get caught in traffic and cant get to a training session for the planned 90 mins, and can only do 45 mins. I accept that and give it my best for that 45 min session. I cant control everything!

6.   I really enjoy what I do. The training, the work, the studying, learning new skills and challenging myself each and every day. 

Now, here is what I would like to improve on as like I say, I am far from perfect. 

I worry ALOT. I worry I didn't explain myself enough in a class. I worry I might have pushed an athlete too much. I worry I maybe didn't smile enough at someone!  But, how I get round this is I always aim to give my very best. In EVERYTHING I do. So, if I do upset someone, i just hope they know its never intentional and always comes from a good place.

I am not as patient as I would like to be. I am def patient with my athletes and clients but not with myself. I want things today. I  expect improvements from myself quicker than I would ever expect from an athlete I coach.  So, how I deal with this is I use my coaches head and tell myself to chill!  

I will work 24/7 if I get the chance. Being self employed its tough saying No or turning an opportunity down.  How do I work on this, well to be honest, its work in progress. But, one thing I am trying to do, is not reply to every message the instant it comes in. Its ok to leave it 24 hours and maybe have time to think about the answer.  

I am very lucky. And  I know that and appreciate that. I don't have a big house, I don't have millions in the bank. But, I have health, a loving family, great friends, a career I love and I am a strong independent woman.   

So, keep working on things we can improve but also appreciate where we are right now.