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Today, I shared something SPECIAL

I am just back from speaking at the Women In Sport Summit and I cant tell you how many messages and emails I have received.

I practiced my speech but in reality today was a panel format and we were all asked questions.

I didn’t know what was coming and all I could do was to answer each question openly and with total honesty.

The last question, I actually had a “moment”

I don’t have any major symptoms now since the 2 strokes, but I do sometimes get confused and cant always remember things.

I was asked the question and within seconds I couldn’t remember what it was!

So, I decided to just answer in my own way! And that was to be totally honest about HOW I felt.

I found myself sharing ALOT more highs and lows than I ever planned to but I also announced (again totally unplanned) that I LIKE MYSELF.

The room was full and probably 98% were Women.

I got a massive round of applause which really surprised me.

Over lunch, I had a lady approach me and tell me I had really touched her with my talk, and in fact the whole room, when I said I like myself.

She said finally, we have a female who can say it and mean it.

I haven’t always liked myself. I lacked confidence as a child and a young adult. And even now, I over analyse sometimes, I worry BUT today was a real moment and it seems it was for others too.


Why don’t you start doing the same? Don’t aim for perfection but see yourself as others see you and see the good within.

Its a great feeling!!!

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Make the Swim count this Winter.

Triathlon is my life.

Its my passion , my job, my hobby and where the majority of my friends come from.

Swimming is especially a HUGE part of my life and if 3 days go past without getting in the pool, then I just don’t feel right!!

Now, as a coach, I appreciate not everyone feels the same way about swimming!

But, I want to help you to make the most of your swimming throughout the Winter months, so next season, you can REALLY feel the benefits.

So, here are my top tips to get the most from your swimming.

Sessions don’t have to be long and boring.

I know sometimes athletes are put off by the fact, they have 3-4 km to do. So, don’t go to the pool and NO session gets done.

So, here are my 5 top tips:

  1. lets think of 30-40 mins in the pool. But make it specific and with a true focus. Are you doing an endurance set or an interval set? or is the focus, technique?

  2. Mix it up. Try different strokes to work different muscle groups.

  3. Do pace change in the pool. So, maybe a main set of 6 x 300 as 100 easy, 100 medium, 100 effort.

  4. Train with a friend if possible. I always hit slightly faster times when i train with someone else. It just keeps me “on it”

  5. Do some sessions without worrying about times. Just think of form, and ignore looking at your watch.

We regularly run swim clinics in Oxfordshire and our next one is November.

1:1 sessions can also be arranged.

If you would like to discuss coaching with Team Cardy, email us directly

Don’t put it off, make this winter or even the next month, a real swim focus. It will be worth it!


Be a Champion Athlete & Mentally Strong

Here are my top tips to help you to be the very best athlete you can possibly be and mentally strong. 

1. Be Committed.  Set priorities and take care of them.  Aim to accomplish something in every day and in every training session. 

2. Set goals. Both short term and long term goals. 

3. Evaluate the things you did well in that training session, things you can improve on and things you learnt. 

4. Do what others wont do.  If you trully want to achieve your dream, then sacrifices need to be made. 

5. Surround yourself with like minded people. 

6. Be resilient and appreciate what you have and are doing.

7. Refresh and recharge.  Be totally committed but also be careful to not over extend yourself too early in the season. 

8. Invest in a coach.  Even coaches have coaches!

9. Work on changing 1 thing at one time. Be Patient.

10. LOVE what you do.


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