Janette Cardy Fitness 6 Top Tips to get back on it.

These arent New Year Resolutions, but realistic motivators to help you to make 2019 a fit and healthy one.

  1. Have a goal. Make it smart and personal to you.

  2. Have a plan so you can achieve that goal. If you dont have a plan, it just becomes a dream. We want it to be reality and actually happen this year.

  3. Commit to training with a friend or joining a class so you find it more difficult to skip a session or two. The hardest part of a workout, especially in the Winter, is getting out of the door!

  4. Plan ahead. Put training into your diary like a work meeting and then stick to it.

  5. Dont think ALL or NOTHING. If you have a bad day, dont give up, just get back on it the very next day.

  6. Enjoy yourself and the challenges you set. Do an activity and have a goal that makes you feel alive.

Good Luck and keep me posted how you get on.

We are here to help you, to motivate and support you on your health, fitness and nutrition goals.

Janette x