Its not always easy staying “on it” and feeling motivated to train or attend a class.

I hear so many times around this time of year, “oh i will get back on it in January!”

Please dont do that. You have 2 months left of this year and can really achieve alot in that time.

This is how i stay motivated.

1. I work towards a goal. otherwise i drift from one thing to another.

2. I keep a training diary and look back over what I have done already this year and it makes it all worthwhile.

3. I take a little time off after a hard season.  To rest my body and mind but also to spend time evaluating what worked and didnt work for me. I also check i still want to continue doing what i have done or do i want to move into another sport, hobby, event etc. Just because we have always run for instance,  doesnt mean we always have to. 

4. I buddy up. In the winter i arrange to meet friends for training or classes. This stops me cancelling just because i cant really be bothered. And once i am there i know i will enjoy it and get the rewards.

5. I lean on my coach who is also my mentor. You have a FREE mentor and coach in me. Lean on me, email me , call me , text me and let me help you to achieve your goals.

6. I never give up. I know if i give up and then want to get back into fitness in say 2 months time, its going to be SO much harder and i will kick myself for losing the fitness i once had.


I hope this helps.Janette