A weeks training with JC

A number of you have asked what training I do and how i juggle it around running the fitness business. 
I won’t lie, it is not easy. I find myself working at 10 pm in the evening on Saturday nights just in order to fit everything in. 
But, I can honestly say, it’s worth it. 
I know what I want and will do everything I can to achieve it. 
I love the business, I love training and competing. This is my life and it makes me happy!

So, generally my training week looks similar to this with classes, pt, massages, meetings and corporate events on top on a daily basis.

Mondays 1 ½ hours in pool and run session. Strength and conditioning in gym.
Tuesdays intense run session and weights
Wednesdays 1 ½ hours in pool and run session. Flex and core work.
Thursdays 1 ½ hours in pool and intense run session. Pilates. 
Friday work only. 
Saturday 2 hours swim and run session.
Sunday 2 runs. One longer easy and one shorter run. Flex work.

In the summer, I race most weekends but in the winter it’s more like once a month. 
Xmas is a little time off work but more training is scheduled!

Training needs to be fun. It needs to be geared towards to your individual goals and have a focus. 
Individual training plans geared specifically to you can be written by janette Cardy fitness.