Guilt Free Energy Balls

JCFitness strive to support local companies and Valeoeat are the perfect choice for us. 

There energy balls are the guilt free choice to fight sugar cravings and energy dips. Natural slow release energy to balance your blood sugar. 

I am now training for the 2016 season and am training 20 hours a week along with running 2 fitness businesses.  

For instance today, I did 4 km in the pool, then breakfast. Followed by a gym session and a walk /run programme. The orange energy ball was very satisfying after that!

I have been working with clients all afternoon and tonight I have a turbo session to complete and tomorrow a 55 mile bike session to do and a gym programme.   

I am finding these are helping me tremendously. I am enjoying the variety of flavours, the texture, and the energy i get from them. 

By using our discount code, you will receive 10% off your order. Contact Janette to retrieve your discount code.