How to achieve YOUR goal

I am working today in the office after my training session this morning and the last hour or so i have been watching the London Marathon.  It is so inspiring to watch all of these athletes achieve their goals. 

Here are my top tips to achieving YOUR goal in 2016.

1. Choose a realistic goal. A goal that is a challenge but also manageable, and fits into your lifestyle. 

2. Follow a plan. When you are sick you see a doctor. When you have a tooth ache you see the dentist so why not seek professional guidance with your training. 

3. Have short term and long term goals. 

4. Start small so for instance if you want to run a marathon, then aim to run a 5 km event first, then build up gradually.Small steps. 

5. Do the training. Bottom line!!

6. Ensure you are eating and drinking to fuel the training and to aid recovery.

7. Sleep. Rest. Its vital to a good training plan. So, if you are struggling with this due to a sick child for instance, maybe move the training around for that week.  Be realistic and honest to yourself. 

8. Keep a training log. Not just what you do, but how you feel before, during and after. How does the training make you feel. I am sure it helps with mood, energy and inner happiness.

9. Enjoy it. Join a group or a class and train with others. Get support from family and friends. 

10. Plan your reward for when you achieve your goal.  Its a great motivator.