How to balance training with a busy life!

1. Have a trainer write you a programme that is catered specifically to you and your available time . Take the headout out of writing your own programmes.

2. Do a weights and toning programme at home that fits into your schedule

3. Run to work, go swimming in your lunch break, do a HIIT workout which is a lot less time consuming.

4. Set goals. This enables you to stay more on track and know why you are doing it. Make them attainable and then be accountable for them.

5. Put your training into your diary as a meeting and stick to it.

6. Cook extra and freeze meals ready for busy times

7. When watching your favourite tv show, get down on the floor and do your core work or flexibility.

8. Plan ahead and then take action.

9. Choose HIIT workouts that can be effective and a lot less time consuming. JCFitness write HIIT programmes.

10. Set your alarm for 20 mins earlier.  Get out of bed and do a short workout. It will set you up for the day.