Janette Cardy’s Top Tips For Improved Fitness!

  1. Interval training. This works!  20 mins of interval HIIT training can burn as many calories as 60 mins of regular steady state cardio.
  2. Think about posture and contracting your core when working out. Draw your shoulder blades back down and round. Relax into your breathing pattern.
  3. Think about having a sports massage if you are training hard or new to exercise.  Aim for once a month to help relieve muscle soreness.
  4. Make sure you always warm up and cool down. Ensure you stretch regularly.
  5. Keep a training diary.
  6. Ensure you have rest days In your training plan
  7. Vary your exercise plan. If you are a runner, don’t just run! make sure you include core work, pilates and stretching.
  8. Enjoy your training.
  9. Keep it fresh.. change it regularly.
  10. Work with a trainer and follow there guidance and have their ongoing support.