Sugar: designed to hook us in!

Sugar is designed to hook us in.

Infact, just about everything sugary looks and smells delicious.
In reality refined sugar makes us put on weight, increases the size of our liver, ages us inside and out, leaves us tired, fat and wrinkled. 
Refined sugars also drags valuable nutrients out of our body and it’s the first time in history, the children of this generation are predicted to die younger than their parents.

This is happening due to the marketing behind it, so it’s able to target us from an early age making us addicts. 

Sugar has a similar effect on the brain to pain killing drugs like morphine or even heroin.  They produce an almost instant feeling of pleasure, calm and satisfaction.  Sugar is found in cakes, pastries, but also processed foods, alcohol, soft drinks, and even so called healthy foods such as breakfast cereals.

We turn to sugary foods sometimes for energy but it’s a bad type.
So yes you will get a quick burst after eating a choc bar, but about 10 mins after you will feel more tired than you were before.   This is due to the sugar hitting the bloodstream, creating a sugar spike and then a crash, leaving you exhausted. 

A far better way of getting energy is to eat complex carbs, clean and lean proteins, veg, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly. 

Jc top tip: 
Avoid overripe fruits. The riper a fruit is the more sugar it contains, which means the higher your chance of storing that sugar as fat. 

Bottom line is sugar makes you fat. Your body cannot process too much of it so it gets stored as fat. It also makes fat burning even harder. 

The worst offenders are white refined sugars, fruit juices, alcohol, bad carbs, so called low fat foods, any ingredient ending in ‘ose’ such as lactose, fructose, etc. 

The best form of sugar is raw fruit. So the next time you have a sweet craving, eat some in season thin skinned fruit, such as berries, apples, pears, or green grapes. Try to eat these with protein and/or fat to slow down the speed at which the sugar hits the bloodstream. 

Glutamine is an amino acid that squashes sugar cravings. It can be found in most health food shops. So consider supplementing your diet with this. 

Wheat and wheat products convert to sugar faster than any other grain.
Don’t forget sugar converts to fat, so the wheat you eat will quickly end up as fat over the hips, stomach, and thighs. 

Nearly all products that contain wheat also contain gluten. Gluten is used mainly as a binder in the processing of foods. 

For most of us having wheat for breakfast is just habit. So try something different for breakfast. Maybe eggs, smoothies, oat cakes, salmon, steak etc.  Cereals are full of sugar. Even cereals marketed as healthy are not what they seem. 

Jc tip: 
The darker and heavier the bread the better.