Which Class is Best?

We run a real variety of classes with JCFitness in the community. 

We can burn ALOT of calories in the classes, tone up and shape the whole body but also we can get a fantastic feeling of wellbeing and fun. 

Which class is our most popular at this time of year?

Well thats a difficult one to answer as we have a huge following for Zumba, Zumba toning, Pilates, HIIT, Barre Fitness, Tone and Tightenand Fitness Pilates, but definitely our Summer Abs Class is always well received. 

This class is different every week.

It can leave your muscles quivering at the end but in a good way. 

We incorporate cardio into the session to burn fat and use strong specific core exercises to shape the abdominals and to give definition.

We have high energy music to keep us motivated and singing along is even allowed in our classes!

This runs on a monday to start the week in the very best way possible. 

Our participants are different ages and fitness levels but the beauty of the class is we offer options throughout. 

Both men and women attend our classes. 

So if Summer Abs is something you would like to achieve, contact us and join our classes in person or online.