How to choose an Overseas Triathlon Training Camp

Here, at Janette Cardy Fitness Performance Coaching we are running an overseas training camp in Portugal in March this year.

Of course, you are welcome to join us. However this post isnt about promoting our own camp, its about helping you to choose the right camp for you.

Here are my 5 top tips.

1. Location.  How far do you want to travel. Is the weather a consideration for you? Obviously location will affect costs too. 

2. Do they provide you with a rough draft of the weekly training plan? Personally, I like having this. As, I then know how many sessions are available, will there be enough focus on my weakest element of triathlon etc.

3. How many coaches and how qualified and experienced are they? What support are they providing?

4. Hotel facilities and food provided. I dont want to pay alot extra when I am away. So, are my meals included? Is someeone there to help with setting the bike up  etc? or is this an added cost?

5. Can i email the coach/orgainiser before and after the camp with any questions. Is follow up allowed.  Thats really important to me when I attend camps as an athlete.


If you would like to discuss how to find a training camp that really works for you, please feel free to contact us directly for an informal chat.


Dont stress, just do your best.

Dont stress, just do your best.

This is my motto for 2018.

I had a really special moment after my first  class back  in 2018.
An older gentleman stayed behind class, to thank me for the class.
He has been coming to that particular class for about 3-4 weeks and really tries.
He isnt co ordinated, but I check every thing he does is safe and effective.
I am considering spending alittle more time with him after a class one day but didnt want to embarrass him until I know him alittle better. 
So, today, he said he is suffering from depression and anxiety and the classes are helping him to relax, and to feel better about himself.
Firstly, I am honoured he felt he could tell me this. Secondly, it made me appreciate I hadnt made a point of going on about following the “beat” and thirdly,
it made me remember, people come to take part in fitness for a variety of reasons. 
Such as health, weight loss, mental, physical and emotional reasons.
The reality is I cant please everyone, but I will certainly try  and will always give my best whether I am coaching triathletes, teaching a community class or  running an online group.
What a lovely start to  JCFitness in 2018.


We are SO excited to bring our very own Triathlon Training Camp to Portugal for 2018.

3-9th March 2018 .

4 star Accommodation, breakfast, dinner, s and c, swimming 2 hour sessions, cycling, running, pilates, flexibility, cross country running, optional sea swimming, full coaching from GB athlete, Janette Cardy and top cyclist,  Luri Jorge from Veloperformance.

We have 2 spaces left.

For Further information, email us @


Luxury One Day Health and Fitness Retreat @ Champneys

Friday 23rd Feb 2018 @ Champneys Tring.

The day includes:

  • Outdoor training
  • A variety of Fitness Classes
  • Goal Setting with GB athlete, Janette Cardy
  • 1 x Thalassotherapy Pool session
  • Unlimited use of Facilities
  • Lunch 3 courses
  • Wellbeing, Health and Fitness
  • You can do as much of the workouts as you wish. Opt in and out.
  • Great day being coached, supervised and enjoying the luxury facilities on offer. 
  • Head to the Champneys website and book your Retreat or Contact Janette directly on



Coaching for British Triathlon Novice Triathlon Day

Last saturday I was invited to coach for British Triathlon for a womens only Triathlon day. 

We had 22 ladies on the course and after introductions it was clear they were all nervous about the swim followed by transitions and generally just feeling "silly" Our job was instill confidence and belief in their abilities and to help them with the technical side of triathlon.   

We asked them to let us know their own individual goal for the day and what they wanted to achieve. 

We went through how to put the wetsuit on, then entered into the water and split into 2 groups. The groups were fantastic and really embraced all the skills we gave them.  And during lunch they ALL said how much more confident they felt after the session. 

After lunch, we did transition practices, recce the run course (as majority were racing the next day in the novice event) andtook them to transition and went throught1 and t2.

We kept it relaxed, informal and questions were asked throuhgout the whole day.

The summary of the day confirmed everyone achieved what they wanted to from the days coaching.

Since the training day I have had 3 emails from some of the athletes telling me how they did and the fact they are already looking for future races!!  This really has made me happy.

I had the best time and have more coaching days planned through British Tri. 

Thankyou British Tri for the opportunity to help others.