Good Training Principles for your BEST 2018 Triathlon Season by Janette Cardy, British Triathlon Coach.

Here are my top 10 best tips to getting your training right this year.
1. Plan your training schedule daily, weekly and monthly.
2. Make your goals specific.
3. Build your training plan gradually, ideally no more than 10% a week. 
4. Be committed and be consistent. 
5. When you are writing your training plan,  factor in daily life committments.
6. Keep a training log.
7. Make sure you always warm up and cool down in every session.
8. Include strength and conditioning workouts in your weekly plan.
9. Dont avoid your “weaker” element of training.
Use the winter to focus on it more.
10. Consider working with a coach who can write your sessions, your plans and mentor you physically and mentally to top performances this year. 

For further information or to discuss training options available, contact us directly for an informal chat.

Open Water Training.

Alot of people enjoy training outside in lakes and rivers. And I totally agree, I love it. 

However, I do see people losing fitness throughout the Summer as they just swim lap after lap with no focus to their training. 

Here are my 5 top tips to help you to get the most from your Open Water Training. 

1.  Have a plan and stick to it.  So, if you have written an interval type open water session then stick to that. Don't be swayed by friends at the lake.

2.  Make sure you warm up and cool down for each session. 

3. Work on technique and drills such as sighting, race starts, swimming round the buoy etc.  

4. Still do a swim session in the pool once a week.  I rtend to do my interval or pure speed session in the pool still and my skills, endurance and pace changes in the open water.  

5. Be consistent with your training.



How to choose an Overseas Triathlon Training Camp

Here, at Janette Cardy Fitness Performance Coaching we are running an overseas training camp in Portugal in March this year.

Of course, you are welcome to join us. However this post isnt about promoting our own camp, its about helping you to choose the right camp for you.

Here are my 5 top tips.

1. Location.  How far do you want to travel. Is the weather a consideration for you? Obviously location will affect costs too. 

2. Do they provide you with a rough draft of the weekly training plan? Personally, I like having this. As, I then know how many sessions are available, will there be enough focus on my weakest element of triathlon etc.

3. How many coaches and how qualified and experienced are they? What support are they providing?

4. Hotel facilities and food provided. I dont want to pay alot extra when I am away. So, are my meals included? Is someeone there to help with setting the bike up  etc? or is this an added cost?

5. Can i email the coach/orgainiser before and after the camp with any questions. Is follow up allowed.  Thats really important to me when I attend camps as an athlete.


If you would like to discuss how to find a training camp that really works for you, please feel free to contact us directly for an informal chat.


Coaching for British Triathlon Novice Triathlon Day

Last saturday I was invited to coach for British Triathlon for a womens only Triathlon day. 

We had 22 ladies on the course and after introductions it was clear they were all nervous about the swim followed by transitions and generally just feeling "silly" Our job was instill confidence and belief in their abilities and to help them with the technical side of triathlon.   

We asked them to let us know their own individual goal for the day and what they wanted to achieve. 

We went through how to put the wetsuit on, then entered into the water and split into 2 groups. The groups were fantastic and really embraced all the skills we gave them.  And during lunch they ALL said how much more confident they felt after the session. 

After lunch, we did transition practices, recce the run course (as majority were racing the next day in the novice event) andtook them to transition and went throught1 and t2.

We kept it relaxed, informal and questions were asked throuhgout the whole day.

The summary of the day confirmed everyone achieved what they wanted to from the days coaching.

Since the training day I have had 3 emails from some of the athletes telling me how they did and the fact they are already looking for future races!!  This really has made me happy.

I had the best time and have more coaching days planned through British Tri. 

Thankyou British Tri for the opportunity to help others.