How to stay motivated to achieve your goals in 2017

JC top tips to achieving your goals in 2017

Here are my 8 top tips to achieving your health and fitness goals in 2017.

1. Plan ahead. Plan your meals, your work and training Schedules. Write them down. Be accountable.

2. Treat classes and pt sessions as meetings that you just can’t/won’t cancel.

3. Have a couple of short term and long term goals. For instance to run a 5 km by Easter. Long term to improve on this time achieved. Also think how you will achieve these goals.

4. Commit to a class or a course of fitness and know its a regular part of your routine.

5. Join a class with a friend and buddy up. You are less likely to cancel if you are meeting your friend there.

6. If need be seek advice and support from a PT or Coach. Have a home programme written for you to follow and arrange to report in weekly. It will keep you on track.

7. Keep a training diary.

8. There are so many training options available. Find the one that works for you. Here at JCFitness we offer, classes, PT, Online coaching for Running and Triathlon, Online Short 5 day small group focussed training, Retreats, Fitness Days, Workshops and events.  There issomething for everyone.

Its important to enjoy your fitness. Find information about our classes, personal training and online triathlon coaching at

Luxury Fitness Retreat with JCFitness

If you are wanting to learn new skills and receive help with training towards your first Triathlon, join Janette Cardy, GB Athlete and motivational speaker on this 1 day workshop.

The day includes:

1 x Run Training Session

1 x Swimming Session

Strength and Conditioning Programme

Q and A with Janette

Seminar with Janette

1 x Thalassotherapy Pool session

Unlimited use of Facilities


You can do as much of the workouts as you wish. Opt in and out.

Great day being coached, supervised and enjoying the luxury facilities on offer. 

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